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Our New Shop in Horning will be opening on Friday the 23rd of April 2021.

Lighting Blinds

At JHD Interiors we offer a wide range of lighting to brighten up any home. All our lights can be purchased from our Norfolk based interior design studio.



Finish a room with some mood lighting from one of exquisite lamps. We provide a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every room.

Perseus floor lamp


Make a statement with with one of unique chandeliers. We provide modern and traditional styles to suit any requirement.

Ceiling light


We have a vast range of ceiling lights for any room. We can provide tips and suggestions to help you find your pefect lights to brighten your home.



Gorgeous scented candles from Voyage Elemental collection. Once the candles burnt away your left with a beautiful artistic glass vase. For more information please contact us